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Instructors - Steve Lazell

Steve Lazell's interest in Tai Chi and Chi Kung began during a course in complementary medicine in 1996.  Shortly after this introduction he began training with a well known local instructor, Akira Lim.  He later took over teaching for some of Akira's adult education classes.  Akira encouraged his students to explore other styles and teaching methods.  


Steve began training in Staines with John Elliott, a long time student of Chu Gin Soon.  Steve came to one of Kevin Bryant's classes in 2005 where he was introduced to Mary Yeung's system.   After wondering  for some time if there was more to tai chi than what he had learned to that point, his training opened to an entirely new and deeper experience.  


In 2013, Steve moved with his family to Malvern (near Wales). He continues to help out when he visits the area on a frequent basis. We are very pleased to have his presence when he can make it and for his unique understanding of the human boday and wellness treatment. He is a trained Kinesiologist and continues to  manage a successful practice in the Walton on Thames area which he has had for a number of years.  Steve has owned and operated a number of small businesses and is married with two grown children.





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