"Enlarge your circle"


Online Instruction

For those who have difficulty attending regular classes due to location or scheduling issues, we offer the opportunity for supplemental, one-to-one  instruction online.  This is not meant to replace in-person teaching but can enhance progress, attendance issues in mind.  This is especially well-suited for beginners; however, more experienced students who have moved away and have not found an instructor may want to explore this option.  We will consider each situation case-by-case.  


Those interested but who have not trained with Surrey Tai Chi Club should write by email including a little about their background, especially as it relates to tai chi, and reasons for wanting instruction.


Requirements:  Online students will need a webcam and microphone if they are not already built-in to your computer or mobile device. A skype account or Google+ account (Google Hangout) will also be necessary.  We can help make sure you have the right equipment and set-up.  Sessions will generally run 30 minutes.  Session fees will be agreed before hand and handled preferably via bank wire.  


Form Analysis:  Students can also choose as an alternative, or in addition, Form Analysis. A video of them doing the form will be analyzed and a written report produced with detailed commentary and corrections.  

Skype student Bill Brandt going through an online session from his Arizona home.

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