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Instructors - Kevin Bryant (Founder)

Kevin became a devotee of Yang style Tai Chi in 1995 and was introduced to the Family method in 1998 (see video interview below). He has studied and practised many other systems during the last thirty years including aikido, yoga, tao yin, chi kung, and weight training.  He has found Tai Chi to be the most complete and satisfying of the systems.  


Prior to founding Tai Chi Club of Surrey, Kevin held senior positions in private industry and five years ago co-founded a digital agency focused on brand and reputation management.  His time  in the corporate world as well as his experience balancing work and family life adds a useful perspective to his teaching practice.


Kevin began his training with Chu Gin Soon in Boston, second disciple of Yeung Sau Chung, in turn the eldest son of Yeung Cheng Fu.  Since 1998, he has studied with Jim Uglow (London), a Direct Student of Yeung Ma Lee (Mary), daughter of Yeung Sau Chung.  Mr Uglow is the preeminent Yeung family practitioner in Europe.   Kevin partook in the tea ceremony and became a disciple in 2007.




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