"Enlarge your circle"


Instructors - Jayne Storey


Jayne teaches on the Berkshire/Hampshire border with classes predominantly in and around the Yateley area. For more details please contact Kevin.


Jayne began her Tai Chi journey in 1987, studying at the International Tai Chi Chuan Association with Master Chu King Hung, third disciple of Yang Sau Chung. After re-locating from London to Surrey, Jayne studied with the Hine Institute and the Etheric Boxing Martial Arts School, developing her Tai Chi as well as her interest in Chi Kung and Meditation. Since then, Jayne has studied a variety of martial arts including Wing Chun, Hsing Yi, Fencing and Jeet Kune Do.


In 2008 Jayne had the good fortune to meet Kevin and for almost a decade has been working with him on proper Yeung (Yang) family Kung Fu.




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