"Enlarge your circle"




Crane Style- This form utilizes a high stance. It promotes balance and stimulates the body system moderately. This form allows those who are elderly or not so strong to gain health.


Tiger Style- This form utilizes a medium stance to create more power in the feet and the thighs and to strengthen the back. This type of stance is suitable for most people to learn and has become adopted as the common form.


Snake Style- This form utilizes a very low stance and a very powerful sucking action of the feet from the ground to bring the power into the thighs. There are stories about Great Master Yeung Lo Sim performing the snake form under a table and picking up coins from the ground with his mouth. Due to its low stance, this form is not a suitable practice for everyone, and it may cause irreparable injury if one is not very careful.


Anyone wishing to know more about the above forms can refer to Tai Chi Chuan Revelations: Principles and Concepts (p.172) authored by Ip Tai Tak, disciple of Master Yeung Sau Chung.