"Enlarge your circle"


We study original Yeung (Yang) family Tai Chi Chuan, commonly referred to as Yang Style, both an effective defensive art as well as an unparalleled health maintenance system.  We teach according to individual abilities and interests whilst honoring Yeung family teaching methods.  For maximum benefit and safety, we practice with both martial and health aspects in mind but students may choose to emphasize one over the other. Some also practice Tai Chi for spiritual purposes.  We support all of these goals to the extent possible.  We invite anyone with a sincere interest in exploring the family's art.  Those who have studied Tai Chi previously and thought "there must be something more" are especially welcome.


In keeping with an individualized teaching method, there is no pre-set curriculum; however, all beginners are expected to learn the Long Form and Yeung Family softening exercises.  Once learning the form, students are led through form corrections.  Corrections generally focus first on external postures and movements but become progressively more focused on internal principles designed to increase internal power and health. Students with the right character and making satisfactory progress in form practice are able to learn other Yeung family routines and practices: the Short Form ("Fast Form"), Broadsword, Sword, Spear, Two Man forms, Pushing, Chi Kung and other practices.  Those who have had little exposure to tai chi are encouraged to read more about tai chi or come visit a class.



About Us

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